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Queenside Tower

A proposal for a tower adjacent to SOM's Rolex Tower mixed-use building along Dubai's Sheikh Zayed Road. Usage requirements are integrated with structural and planning logic and a concept about form.


The office floor plate is the maximum permissible and, as with its neighbor, the shift from office to residential usage requires a shallower floor plate. Corner bays are halved to reduce depths and generate the building's 'hips' and a slight roundness. Exposed structure is clad in pink granite. Rose-tinted glazing panels complements the sea-green of Rolex Tower. 

The chamfered corners enable the larger apartments to have views along Sheikh Zayed Road. Fire-escape stairs and secondary bedrooms are placed where the views are  less desirable. Apartment areas allow a 2-bedroom apartment to be substituted for a 1-bedroom apartment and a studio apartment on any corner of the building in accordance with the desirability of view and/or level within the building.


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