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Universal Apartment II

The lobby areas are again exactly the same as for 012 Tower, 012E Tower, Walden 11 and Universal Apartment I. This series of projects began as an attempt to create a "detached" apartment but has come to have party walls in increasingly elaborate arrangements. 

Universal Apartment I had the fault of having only one bathroom no matter how many bedrooms there were. This proposal rectifies that. Studio apartments will always have a shower room. A 1-bedroom apartment can have either a shower room, a split bathroom, or a guest bathroom and an en-suite shower room. Any apartment accessing the stairwell from above or below will have two or more bedrooms and a split bathroom on the level of the living room. On the other level (or levels) it can have a maximum of two shower room, bathrooms or wcs w/washbasins. Bedrooms not in the middle have the possibility of an en-suite. 

Bathroom windows (that may be those of an adjacent apartment) open into riser shafts and prevent looking in from laundry drying areas or the access corridor outside. 

All corridors are identical save for the openings which are either blocked or not. This will simplify construction and bring associated economies. It might be possible to prefabricate corridor units offsite and customize them onsite.; The same might be possible for bathroom pairs.

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