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0123 Tower

This tower uses the lobby configuration developed through  Vertical Village, Vertical Village II, Walden 8 and Walden 9. All apartments are single level and two on each half of the building. The three bedrooms each side can be arbitrarily allocated to the two living areas to create apartments having different numbers of bedrooms. With this configuration, the numbers f 3-bedroom apartments and studio apartments will always be equal, as will those of 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments. 


The elevators can stop on every floor, or the elevator lobby can be double- or triple-height. A triple-height lobby gives a floor plan efficiency of 18.87% not including balconies. Whatever the height, the 0123 Tower lobbies have cutouts in the floor to keep people away from the apartment windows on the lobby level. These cutouts function in the same way as the areas that separated Georgian townhouse ground level windows from the footpath while allowing daylight and ventilation to the level below.


Various alternative arrangements are possible for the apartment entrance areas. The symmetrical configuration allows many possibilities for load bearing and shared walls to suit building height and construction.    

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