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Vertical Village II

Three levels of apartments form triple-height elevator lobbies overlooked by apartments accessed up from that level and also by those accessed down from the access level above. Rather than three isolated individual lobbies, there are three-story lobbies inspired by the observable circulation of Ricardo Bofill"s Walden 7. 

This proof-of-concept layout has four simple two-bedroom apartments per level, with two open stairs, each with gallery landings serving two apartments. Kitchen windows observe the defensible space of the apartment entrance, but hallway windows in 45° walls face and directly overlook the centre of the lobby space, allowing glimpses of it and activity within to persons passing in either direction through the apartment hallways. 

This approaches a minimum configuration. The only replaceable  elements are the elevator glass doors and transoms, and the vision panels to the elevator shafts, but to remove them would lessen the awareness of mechanical activity that is an indicator of people moving within the building. 


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