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Type A II

These apartments are paired around a stairwell that takes up as little space as possible. They borrow from the Type A apartments identified by Mosei Ginzburg's Stroykon team circa 1927, and remind us how closely those apartment types approached the absolute. 


Ninety years on, mechanically ventilated bathrooms are commonplace and a passenger elevator of reasonable quality costs US$15,000 which is less than the cost of constructing the building volume they occupy and less than the cost of constructing access corridors to pass by them. Double-loaded access corridors can no longer be justified on the basis of cost.

The internal circulation space overlaps the activity space of the kitchen so that each is used as the other. Whether configured as a studio or as a 1-bed apartment, the apartment has two distinct areas linked by spaces as well used as they are travelled. Many variations are possible without disturbing the "core" elements.

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