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Inverted Arcs

This proposal was for the site of the former Fort Pitt built to defend Britain against Napoleon by commanding the River Medway and the naval docks and shipbuilding yards of Chatham. An existing university complex loomed over Rochester Castle and Rochester Cathedral and was particularly visible from trains entering Rochester. Any housing proposal needed to be understated. The siting, shape, façades and materials of this apartment proposal were intended to appear as some kind of civic or municipality building. 

The gap between the two buildings preserves the summit and permits maximum views out. When seen from trains entering Rochester, the gap appears constant and creates the illusion of the two buildings rotating relative to each other. 

The required accommodation of different tenures and mixes was enabled within the footprint of the existing development, sit-in strict height limits, and without detracting from the site or the city. Proof of concept was established.


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